Buying Home : Within Surat Municipal Corporation (SMC) limit vs Rural or SUDA limit

Home buyers in Surat always ask us a question : whether to purchase a property within SMC limit or outer area.

Specially when customers looking to buy house with land, it creates confusions which one to choose. There are many factors needs to be considered while making such decision. Of course, there’s significant cost factor associated with second option, but it also does come with drawbacks.

Let us review both options one by one.

Buying / Investing Within SMC limit

There are definitely apprehensible benefits to purchasing a house which is part of the city’s municipal limits For instance, such residential projects can get regular water supply from municipal corporation.

SMC is responsible to provide a water, drainage and road infrastructure, so within municipal corporation area one can get better infrastructure and services. There’s usually shops, outlets, garden, clinic and hospitals  are available in nearby or at walking distances. Also, the population residing within municipal limits are more managed and sophisticated in nature.

The flaw with purchasing properties in SMC areas is that cost of such properties is higher, and property tax and maintenance charges are also quite a bit high compare outer SMC limit.

Buying / Investing In Rural city or Gram Panchayat Area

Rural area or gram panchyat are principally village areas. Though Surat has seen rapid development in areas like Dandi road, Sayan, Abrama, Kamrej.

It was opportunistic market during 2008-2012 and it’s not always the same. Developers purchase the low cost agriculture land and convert it to non-agriculture. Due to the lower cost of land in such areas, home buyers can get houses with land with quite affordable prices.

Rural area attracts both builders and home buyers who have budget limitations and do not care about the drawbacks which projects in rural areas often have Mostly, such areas do not have connectivity to the municipal water supply and developers need to make or facilitate water via bore pumps or water tankers.

Such provisions are good enough for limited time, especially for smaller projects, buyers can’t reply on this.  It comes under gram panchyat to maintain and provide infrastructure such as roads, drainage systems. Mostly, they are on limited development budget and it’s quality is lower than municipal area.

Healthcare, schools, shops and transportation are not easy to get -though this is not always the case. Municipal localities and facilities are upgraded compare to rural area.


Properties Outer SMC  properties can be budget friendly and it may attract investors and buyers for initial investment opportunities. It may have good growth potentials when there is chance for such areas to be included in municipal limits in near future.

When this happens there’s good chance of improving quality of facilities and property prices will sky rocket. However, this is track for home buyers who are looking get immediate benefits of using comfort services. Jahangipura area of Surat is now popular amongst Suratis for buying plots, town planning 46 (Jahangipura) has seen drastic infrastructure changes in recent years. Read here : Why Jahangipura is hot in real estate

Buying or investing in SMC limits usually costs more, and if you are looking to get luxury and star amenities with easy access to infrastructure and transportations, buying house within SMC limit is advised.

Residential NA plots in Jahangirpura value for money.

Suratis have always preferred to live in “Home with Land”. Surat is growing fast and now there are very limited space is available in this city.
There was a time – Builders of Surat never thought they will construct high rise buildings in areas like Katargam, Palanpore or Abrama. Gradually, land prices increased and people had no choice but to start live in high rise buildings and flats. Now, these areas have become congested and full of traffic, it’s hard to return home during rush hours.
People are tried of this traffic, pollution and congested space. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, people have started showing interest in purchasing residential plots again and want to construct house as per their needs. Demands for residential plots is drastically increasing in Surat city recently.
Why Jahangipura is favourite for residential plots ?
Surati’s have started looking for the low density area after COVID-19 pandemic. People wants to purchase “Home with private Land”. Now the problem is there’s limited space available in Surat city, no more row-house or plotting scheme are getting launched after 2018. Even if there’s a plotting scheme available it’s out of budget in most of areas like Katargam, Adajan, Pal, L P Savani road, Vesu.
This is the reason Jahangirpura has been popular area to purchase property. It’s been always popular amongst Surat people because of Iscon temple, Ram Madhi, SMC rose garden and people are visiting this places every weekend. After sanction of town planning schemes in this area, it has seen drastic infrastructure changes in last few years.
SMC has started providing infrastructure facilities and transport connectivity in this area. Jahangipura will get 300 ft outer ring road connectivity and this is also main reason that people  buy and securing land property. Olpad – Saroli bridge and Variyav bridge is also in progress and expected to be completed by 2022.
People who want to purchase residential plots in Surat are now attracted to Jahangirpura and surrounding area because of traffic free, peaceful environment within Surat city. Jahangipura is purely residential area with all recreational activities and centre nearby. Recently, in 2018 SMC has opened SMC rose garden for public and people are love to roam around in this area. Jahangipura is growing fast and land prices are predicted to increase in near future.
Here are the top reasons why people are buying plots in Jahangipura.
  • Population in Jahnagirpura is growing fast, demand of land is expected to grow fast in 2021.
  • Prices have not escalated to out of reach yet.
  • Good returns on investment and better liquidity.
  • Easy bank loan available on plots.
  • Nearby public places : SMC rose garden, Iscon temple, Ram Madhi and river front development.
  • Fully residential area with peaceful, pollution free environment.
  • 300 feet outer ring road connectivity.
Things to keep in mind before buying residential plots. 
  • Check the title deed and land papers with extra care.
  • Perform a background check of seller.
  • Avoid buying plot outside municipal corporation limit, Why ? Read this article on “Buying home : SMC limit vs. Rural / SUDA Area”
  • Get the plot’s paper checked by legal advisors
  • Check necessary approvals from the local authorities.
  • Check location of final plot in SMC maps, to verify surrounding areas.
Although the aforesaid factors are crucial, before considering an investment in plots, many reliable top real estate builders in Surat have ensured a seamless buying or investing experience for their customers, by taking into consideration the aforesaid pointers.